Liong Hai in Taiwan

Taken During Vacation

This site is built and designed to share my journey of picking up Affiliate Marketing as a means to “making money online”. I mention it as a journey because at this current stage, I am not hugely successful as yet as an affiliate marketer so I am definitely not a guru teaching you how to gain overnight success making millions of dollars online. However, this is my very sincere documentation of where to look up for resources and how to go about picking up the skill sets to do Affiliate Marketing.

More About Me

My name is Liong Hai and like so many people, I have been brought up studying hard, got a good degree and job and have since spent some good two decades in two of Singapore’s largest telecommunications companies. I was being successful in what I was doing, with senior level experiences spanning sales, product management and development, corporate marketing and business development.

With some twist of fate a few years ago, I took stock of some family business in my home country, quit my corporate job and started a few businesses of mine. I remain in the corporate world today, undertaking free-lance consulting jobs for SME companies but my present passion is pursuing my journey of generating passive income from other sources, e.g. starting an online business (through affiliate marketing), building a portfolio from share equity investment in particular value investing as expounded by Warran Buffet, rental income from property investment etc. The key outcome which I wish to see is how these paths to earning an income may substitute partially or entirely what we know best which is working for organizations 9 to 5 and earning the monthly income from “selling” our time.

Of course, the biggest motivation is that the above are passive income, not in the sense that you don’t have to upkeep and update your websites, you don’t have to review your portfolio, your don’t have to renew your tenancy but that you generally enjoy more flexibility and freedom with your time.

Affiliate Marketing

There is a wealth of resources out there talking about affiliate marketing. Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is an online business model where you can earn a commission for selling someone else’s products, be it physical or digital products. My key driver is to figure out if there is a systematic framework or blueprint if you will to do this successfully. If I can gain success from this, it means it is a “employment” skill sets which I can then impart to my children, my friends and anyone else who may choose to earn a living through Affiliate Marketing. There are many workshops which promise get-rich-quick strategies and there are websites promising tools and systems doing the same. My hope here is to share with everyone else what works and what does not work, based on what I have actually explored so that collectively we do not need to re-invent the wheel and scammed of hard-earned money.

Again this would be a journey for me, and I welcome comments and inputs to the blogs, reviews, articles and resources which I will be posting. I will be updating my site from time to time, so please check back as often as this may be worth your time.