Getting Started

You are visiting this website probably because you want to learn about affiliate marketing basics, where to begin and if it is going to be worth your time picking up this skill set with the hope that it will lead to earning a passive income online, and thus all the dreams come true with financial freedom and time freedom.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I am assuming that you have done some research about affiliate marketing. In short, Affiliate Marketing is simply an online business model where you can earn a commission for selling someone else’s products, be it physical products or digital products (think Amazon, Clickbank). You do not need to own the product or services you are promoting on your website. You receive commissions when you promote, attract the almost 2 billion people on the internet to your website and someone buys something from the vendor you are promoting. Thus, the term marketer, you are performing the marketing function for companies which have a product of value to sell.

The Affiliate Marketing Framework is Simple

The basic framework or approach to affiliate marketing is very simple. It is shown below as a 4-step process.

Affiliate markerting, getting started

  1. You will first choose an interest area or what is known as a niche. So, for example you love playing golf. You may not have a single digit handicap but you would know about golf clubs, you would have attended golf lessons, you will know terms like slicing and hooking the balls. This can be your niche and you can promote physical products (latest putters, drivers etc) or online golf instruction course. As you may take some time to monetize your website and efforts and you need to build contents and your website an authority site, it is highly recommended you pick a niche related to your interests, your passion.
  2. You next build a website. Some people get scared away at this stage, especially when they believe how hard it must be building a website. Trust me, this is simple with WordPress and the website does not need to be very fanciful.
  3. Conversely this is a relatively more difficult step although it can hardly be considered complex if you know about the process. It is also a very important step as it means if you are getting the traffic to your website, whether you are getting potential prospects who may be interested in buying the products you are promoting. Relate this to if you own a physical store selling shoes, how are you attracting customer to visit your store. Of course, you can pay for traffic through what is called Pay-per-click (PPC) like Google Adwords but that is a completely separate topic on its own.
  4. Once you have traffic to your website, you can potential convert and monetize. I would suggest that you work on your website as if it is a real business, a physical storefront that you own. You take pride of your website, the contents and useful information you provide to solve people’s problems. You make your website readable and updated.

Great, What do I Do Next?

what next

When I first started, I decided that I will “go to school” and I chanced upon a three-day course by Peng Joon ( and attended it. It costed about $2K and the venue was a ballroom at some hotel and packed with 200 students or so. I won’t exactly do a review here but suffice to say it is okay, it is a good introduction to online business and many different topics are covered. Is it worth the money, I do not think so. There was a lot of up-selling (imagine a couple of hours to promote another $5K course). Peng Joon has a great story, how he struggled when he first started working and how he has achieved great success in online business and that is another testimony to a wonderful journey venturing into Affiliate Marketing.

After Peng Joon’s course, I spent hours and hours building up my website, learn more things and tips and tricks from Youtube videos, spent $100 here, $200 there and another $150 to get the wonderful system of generating traffic etc. I even attended another course and this time the strategy is based on PPC paid traffic to build an affiliate business.

Six months of the above until I came across Wealthy Affiliate and I wish I have been introduced to it much earlier, I would probably have saved both time and money with my journey with Affiliate Marketing and learn the proper things the effective way with all the wonderful resources, a community of like-minded affiliate marketers all in one place.

Take Massive Action

Whether you are doing Affiliate Marketing part-time or if you taken the plunge to doing it full-time for whatever reasons, your motivation why you are doing it is important. The journey is not a smooth one and you need the self-motivation, encouragement and discipline. Please refer to my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate and go ahead and sign up for a free Starter membership (no credit cards required) to experience it. You won’t be spending a single cent to get a good initial understanding of Affiliate Marketing offering and learn how easy it is to build a website. I am confident you will agree with me this is THE training and tools resource you need.

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