How to Add Google Analytics to Website

By | July 31, 2016

Google Analytics is a free tool which provides insights about traffic to your website, information such as the number ofgoogle-analytics people which visit your website at any particular time, the trending of this traffic, where the audience is from in terms of country, new versus repeat visitor etc.

Initially as you build out your website, analysis is not the most important especially when traffic is low. But as you add the contents, optimize your website and it starts to rank well, you are going to get traffic.

Knowing your audience and customers will help you to convert. Thus, having Google Analytics installed on your website is going to help a great deal.

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website?

Assuming you have a gmail account, head over to and create a Google Analytics account for your website. The next thing you need to do is to install Google Analytics on your website. There is WordPress plugin to do this but it is also very easy to do this manually.

After you create the the Google Analytics account, Google will give you the website tracking code which needs to be pasted into your page. This looks something like this:

GA Tracking CodeCopy this code. Then you head over to your wp-admin area of your website and paste the code within your Header.php file. To get there, go to Appearance => Editor. Add the code right below the tag. You can also add it above the tag as well, either way it will work fine.

This essentially adds the code to every page on your site, which allows Google Analytics to track your website visitors. After you have added the code click Save. A useful video on how this is done can be found here.

Some Awesome Things from Google Analytics

The insights from Google Analytics are very rich and I don’t intend to provide a guide here. Instead, let me show you examples of what are available:

Visits by Country

This will show you where the visitors are from. When you have targeted campaign, you can also see which country targeted is giving you the best yield.


Learn What People Are Searching For

You would want to know which pages of your website are most viewed. This does exactly that.


Discover if You Need a Mobile Site

You can now build websites which are fully compatible for access from mobile devices but do you want to know if many of your visitors are accessing from mobile devices and if a mobile version of your website will be useful. With Google Analytics, you can see all the way down to a specific device and the percentage of your total visits which are from a mobile device.


I hope this introduction to Google Analytics and how to get it installed on your website is useful to you. Please leave your comments and feedback.

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