Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics – The Whys

By | September 25, 2016

Today I wish to take a break from the usual heavy stuff of writing materials related to the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing and writing generally regarding the journey of learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

learn affiliate marketing basics

The Whys Are Important

First we talk about why you want to learn Affiliate Marketing as initially discussed here too. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start making money online, giving you that incremental income stream.

The basics are simple (as reproduced here) and you can pretty much pick up the framework and what is needed on this website. However, do not believe for a moment it is going to be an easy path. I like to think of any planning and development of a new affiliate marketing website as a new business venture.

Affiliate markerting, getting started

So the why of you learning this new skill set must be strong as you need the motivation to go the long distance.

These are some whys:

  • additional income stream
  • passionate about online business
  • curious about making money online
  • blogging is an existing hobby and you want to monetize it
  • affiliate marketing does not require a lot of resources to embark on
  • wanting to build a long term “passive income” stream
  • just been retrenched and looking for a new income source
  • sick of current job
  • want a job which gives more flexibility, more time to spend with family


Whatever your why, please take note to be prepared that learning about affiliate marketing is like learning a new skill set, getting that diploma or that specialized training. It takes time.

There is the technical skills like website development, writing skills, understanding the technical things like keyword research, how SEO works etc.

Your website also takes time to mature and it takes time for you to research and populate your website with good quality contents in your particular niche area.

In other words, please be patient and allow time to achieve your success as you put the various pieces together. It is for this reason that if you are going to rely on affiliate marketing for some income to pay for your regular expenses, you have to be prepared to tide through the initial difficult time.

Your Chosen Niche

The first step of Affiliate Marketing is choosing your interest area. This seems a very easy step but it is also the most important step. I have devoted a single post on this topic. Any new affiliate marketing website is a HUGE investment of your efforts and time.

Some people when choosing a niche area would probably start off with what is potentially going to be the most profitable with the best sales conversion rate.

If you are just starting out, I strongly recommend you choose an area of:

  • interest, something you are passionate about
  • competence, you already know so much about the subject
  • possible interest, you are not exposed to it yet but have always wanted to do

This recommendation stems from the fact you are likely going to be maintaining a successful affiliate marketing website in the associated niche area for years. Imagine it is an area you have no interest in, how are you going to be an authority figure in the area and providing quality contents to your readers in the long haul?

So, if you are passionate about sports, go for it. If you are good at baking, do something around that. If you like music, there must be affiliate products related to that as well.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

Discipline and Determination

As I have some small successes with my Affiliate Marketing venture, I have not reached the objective I have set, which is to have regular monthly income of a few $K with the part-time efforts I am putting in. But I know I am going to get there.

It takes discipline and determination to be successful at this game. I am still constantly picking up new skills and ideas, and a large part of the resources comes from my membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Example, I will learn about Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords etc as new channels to drive traffic to my website.

To help on discipline and determination, and if you are someone like me, still having consulting assignments and doing this part-time, I suggest that your weekly routine is to set aside 2 hours per day, seven days per week if possible alternating tasks like:

  • setting up your website (if not done yet)
  • researching and writing your posts (2 to 3 new posts per week initially)
  • learning new Affiliate Marketing skills
  • revisit your why

For those doing this full time, I think you can afford to accelerate the pace.

I have listed “revisit your why” as your weekly routine. This is from my own experience. Not all the things you learn and put into practice are going to turn into results, or not immediately. Example, a new technique to rank your page does not work very well.

Do not despair and revisit your why to keep your motivation high.


Work is not Work When You Love It

There will be obstacles and hurdles along the way as you learn affiliate marketing and start putting together your website. It is a natural process and part of learning.

It is for this reason that I believe the niche selection step is the most important step. Bear in mind you will be “living” with the niche selected, that you are constantly reading about it, researching and sharing what you know with people.

If the niche is an area you are passionately about, then it is going to be so much easier as you get through the technical nitty gritty and just focusing on building up your contents.

My “prescription” of the weekly routine above will be a piece of cake to you as you will be doing what you love, like watching that favourite Netflix series.

As I was looking for a good video on the concept of “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, I come across this YouTube video title Why Following Your Passion is More Important than Money. In a way, it re-emphasizes carefully choosing your passion and interest area as your niche area. I believe the money will come later.

As usual, I appreciate comments on this article for improvements.

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