Pokemon Go and Affiliate Marketing

By | August 14, 2016

You may be asking me what has Pokemon Go got to do with Affiliate Marketing. Well, if you do play Pokemon Go and you are enjoying the game, or may be even a little addicted to it now, there is a connection. In this article, I talked about niche idea, what is it and how to find it. There are probably some affiliate marketers which research seemingly profitable niches, may not know too much about the chosen niche in the beginning, but start becoming somewhat an expert on it after some time. This is definitely possible but I would think it is a lot harder.

Pokemon Go Photo

Choosing Something of Interest as Your Niche

I have shared my story here how I got interested in the Pokemon Go game. I must admit it is a fairly addictive game. I am not much of a gamer though I used to spend hours and hours on Warcraft as well but that was some time back. I am however competitive in nature and since the entire family and also many of my friends are playing the game, I want to win. I want to catch as many Pokemon as possible and I want the Pokemon which have high power to battle at the Gyms.

It also helps that at least at this present moment when the frenzy around Pokemon Go is still there, there are lots of contents that you can refine, re-organize and package as your own contents. Or let your creative juices flow and produce some original contents around it. I am planning to document some Pokemon Go hunting trips like this trail I checked out this morning! I may also find some rare Pokemon along the way.

Macritchie trails

So my point is simply, it is a lot more fun when you pick a niche area that you have keen interest or even greatly passionate about to promote. It is either you are already an authority or expert on the subject matter, or it is fun as you research and build up the contents.

Success Stories

I was first exposed to Internet Business and Affiliate Marketing when I signed up for a course with Peng Joon and you can read about his initial struggle and immense motivation to build an online business from successfully selling online for $7 a 32-page guide on World of Warcraft. The success is a spin-off from a passion in a particular game.

Or may be you want to be inspired by Pat Flynn, another very successful internet marketer. He lost his job as an architect and he was studying for a special architecture qualification called the LEED exam and was initially sharing LEED notes on this blog. His blog was getting lots of traffic because of his LEED notes and the rest is then history. He started to sell ebooks online and making good money. In this case, an existing expertise becomes a great niche.

At this juncture, if you want a systematic training platform to pick up Affiliate Marketing, read my review and see if that is the right program for you. I have research programs and attended courses and I don’t want you to repeat the painful process.

Pokemon Go Affiliate Program

I have started the Pokemon Go website at the spur of the moment. Ideally, as you plan your niche, do your keyword research, you also want to find out more on affiliate programs and the products and services you can potentially promote. Ultimately you want some revenue for your Affiliate Marketing business! And the planning and initial design of your website takes time. In my case, the initiative drive I had on this niche idea propelled me to set up the initial website within 2 days, phew!

My next stage especially when the contents start to be more substantial and I have good traffic to the website, is to find affiliate programs to promote. I can do some groundwork concurrently.

To do just that, I consult Google with “Pokemon Go + affiliate program”. There are a number of those but what caught my initial attention is PokemonZone. It is advisable to also spend some time to understand the affiliate products, as you want to promote only good products and at the same time, you want to know the payout is equitable to your efforts. For some affiliate products, you may even try out Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns like Adwords campaign. I have tried Adwords PPC and will furnish with an article at some point in time.

A Video Just for Fun

Well, I hope this relatively light article provides you some further ideas when identifying niche areas to work on and I am leaving you with this video on Pokemon Go!

As usual, I would appreciate it if you can leave me comments and feedback.

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